Amherst, NY(October 22, 2020) – Mission Critical Energy, a strategic provider of mission critical off-grid monitoring, control and electrical generating equipment today announced a joint compatibility program with Morningstar Corporation, a maker of high-quality PV Charge controllers with the FlexSCADA Q5 line of products.   

The FlexSCADA now incorporates advanced protocols allowing Morningstar users to access all the classic Morningstar data and control attributes directly though the FlexSCADA Q5 and Q5 Pro. This capability provides a single combined communication pathway and can integrate a number of communication languages including, SNMP, Modbus and others, all of which are easily accessible via the ethernet connection point. Users can not only access data and control from a Morningstar Prostar or Tristar unit, but multiple Morningstar charge controllers can be connected through a single FlexSCADA unit (as shown in the graphics below).

About FlexSCADA and Mission Critical Energy

FlexSCADA™, a subsidiary of Com Com Services Ltd., is the manufacturer of the FlexSCADA off-grid SCADA system. Over the past decade Com Com Services Ltd and Mission Critical Energy (FlexSCADA’s master distributor) have become industry leaders in the development and deployment of off-grid technology that is changing the off-grid world in remarkable ways.

The FlexSCADA line has been successfully deployed in demanding locations around the world and has become the new standard for monitoring and automating remote off-grid solar, wind, fuel cell and battery powered sites. Their products have garnered an industry-wide reputation for reliability under the harshest operating conditions, from the freezing cold of the Arctic-Circle to the burning heat of the Middle Eastern desert.