2019 Off-Grid Experts Conference

Augsberg, Germany

The technological boom in energy production and efficiency over the last twenty years has largely bypassed wood burning stoves and heaters, but one company is working to change that.

On display at the Augsburg Off-Grid Experts Conference was the e-stove, a product by Thermoelect GmbH, a company based in Wismar, Germany.

The wood gasification e-stove generates power utilizing thermoelectric generators (TEG), which provides direct conversion of heat from a wood fire into electric energy. A technology originally used in deep space exploration probes, thermoelectric generators consist of special alloys and semi-conductor junctions and generate power due to a difference in temperature of the materials (due to the Seebeck effect).

In contrast to other energy conversion technologies, TEGs have no moving parts, are highly durable, long-lasting and completely maintenance free. They also operate silently and can easily be combined with other renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar.

Manager Horst Erichsen of Thermoelect, states the e-stove is efficient to 95% and can produce up to 250 Watts of electricity, along with 20 KW heat for central heating and domestic hot water. The e-stove can also be used as a back-up emergency power plant or an off-grid power solution, one that works with wood logs and is CO2-neutral.

An award winner at the 2018 “Wood Stove Design Challenge” in Washington D.C., Thermoelect teamed up with American partner Team Wittus to secure first prize in the automated and thermoelectric categories. Their winning entry was a living room unit that also heated water for space heating https://forgreenheat.blogspot.com/2018/12/new-york-and-canadian-companies-win.html.

Thermoelect states they are currently conducting EPA testing in preparation to sell the e-stove in the United States. The expected retail price in the USA and Canada is $6,000.00 to $9,000.00

For more information on the e-stove or Thermoelect GmbH, please contact:

Horst Erichsen

Thermoelect GmbH

Alter Holzhafen 19

23966 Wismar, Germany

Tel: 03841-758 2881

Amtsgericht Schwerin HRB 12390